Maureen Johnson

June 18, 2010


A fabulous YA author, a very famous Tweeter, and a really beautiful lady (but she’s so awkward).


Stephen Colbert

June 14, 2010

stephen colbert from

Okay, yes, he’s a comedian. But he has a book! I own a first editon!

(I’m also madly in love with this man.)

David Sedaris

June 10, 2010

david sedaris from

 As requested by my friend Omo, this fine gentleman with the brooding stare. Nom.

Note: all requests will be honored, provided they are a good-looking writer.

Frederick Douglass

June 7, 2010

frederick douglass from

He has fabulous hair. And is totally my American Civil War figure crush. (Abraham Lincoln is my ACW hero, however.)